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Data Center Networking

 Public and private organizations are evolving, and today distributed workforces, extended supply chains, and business process outsourcing, are forcing business network infrastructures to expand and cover data, voice, and video communications and applications. At the same time, users expect reliable and predictable network performance, even as new applications are added to the network infrastructure. And IT departments are expected to implement and manage this increasingly complex network infrastructure at a reasonable cost.

NGT offerings include:

  • Local Area Networks (LAN)                             
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Wireless & Network Management
  • Bandwidth Monitoring  Optimization
  • Application load-balance and optimization
Cloud computing, Infrastructure or Application as-a-Service, big data, etc. present new business opportunities that are driving IT transformation. Enterprises are often held back by an inflexible, complex and fragmented data center infrastructure that cannot keep up with the new application and service demands of an increasingly distributed workforce. These constraints result in slow rollout of critical applications and services, limited resources, poor operation visibility and control, and unpredictable system integration.

NGT offerings include:

  • Unified Computing
  • Storage and Hyper convergence
  • Virtualization
  • Private/Hybrid Cloud
  • Windows Server and Linux
  • Active Directory
  • Data Center Consolidation
  • Desktop Virtualization
  • Storage Networking
  • Storage, Backup and Replication
  • Disaster Recovery and business continuity